Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ashton Pitera and Jordan Rouse: About Me

Ashton Pitera

Jordan Rouse

We are Ashton Pitera and Jordan Rouse who are student at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington. We are in an Living Learning Program called Arts and Science Wired. This LLP promotes us to learn through technology and use the materials to learn in a class enviroment. One of the main requirements for our LLP is to take a A&S class. We chose a chose this class called The Golden Triangle: Beloved. In this class we read the book Beloved by Toni Morrison and watched the movie starring Oprah Winfrey. We used themes from the book during the 19th century to relate to a common interest of ours and to relate back to Kentucky. We recognized an issue in Beloved that symbolized a greater issue during the early 19th century. This issue was medical racism. We chose medical racism because we are both pursing careers in the medical field. Having a subject that related to our interests in the medical field helped us explore the history of how medicine was originally practiced and made us realize the far advancement it has made morally and ethically. 

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