Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Final Projects and Reflections

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Your website formatted research projects are hyperlinked below.  In the comment box, please answer the following question or add any reflections about the class content.

How does Beloved, your archival exploration or your final project affirm, challenge or change  your understanding of  The Golden Triangle Region of Kentucky, 19th Century American Culture or the arts of storytelling as demonstrated by Toni Morrison in American literature?

Thank you for a wonderful semester!



  1. Researching upon my topic made me learn more about Kentucky's history back in the early 19th century. Coming from out of state, I wasn't aware of the great sense of American history that was in the Golden Triangle. I learned throughout this project what Kentucky was like and why it is an important area for American history.

  2. Beloved challenged my idea of storytelling by presenting information in new ways. I had never read something written in Toni Morrison's rememory style. While it was hard to follow it was a very rewarding book. I feel like it helped me learn to adapt to different styles of writing.

  3. Beloved changed and challenged my understanding of The Golden Triangle, considering the fact that I never knew it existed. I knew that Lexington, Lousiville and Cincinnati were hot spots for slavery but I never fully understood the intensity of the involvement. This class has challenged me to learn more about slavery and my hometown which I have enjoyed. I loved the fact that we have been able to incorporate many different types of technology and apps into our research and course. And I really enjoyed being able to research and learn more about my major, psychology, and slavery as a whole for our final project. Overall I have loved this class and believe that the technology techniques as well as the history of kentuckys slavery, psychology and The Golden Triangle will benefit me and my learning in the future.

  4. Beloved changed the way I view literature completely. Sure, I had read literature before in AP, and Dual Credit Courses. But honestly it wasn't until I read Beloved and understood the symbolism, and the little intricacies of wording that were woven into this story that I realized that literature IS art. Imagery in a book is the same as paint on a canvas;it conveys beauty, skill, imagination, and emotion just the same.

  5. Relating the book Beloved to the Golden Triangle region in order to create my final project significantly increased my knowledge about the American Culture in the 19th century. Toni Morrison provided a detailed view of the hardships suffered by African Americans during this time period around Kentucky. It has challenged my ideas on slavery by allowing me to think about what hardships slaves had other than physical labor such as white men using African Americans as models for medical research or surgeries for their recreation.


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