Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sarah Brogdon and Lacacia' Ellis: About Me

Hello I am LaCacia' Ellis. I am a freshman at the University of Kentucky and I am currently studying Human Nutrition. When reading the novel Beloved I was almost shocked as to how little the characters were educated in the book. So after reading the novel I had became very interested in education in the 19th century in the Golden Triangle. So Sarah and I had started researching the education and literature in the 19th century. We both think that people will be amazed at our findings.
Hello my name is Sarah. I am a Secondary English Education major at the University of Kentucky. After pursuing my English major I will become a high school English teacher, and eventually be promoted to a principal. I am a member of WSD and I like to participate in events sponsored by the Black student Union. After reading the novel Beloved I was intrigued to study and research Education and Literature in the 19th century in the Golden Triangle.

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